Bottle Flip Updates

Here are some Bottle Flip updates

Boosted performance on lower-end devices: You will never get bothered by the game’s slowness. The latest update involves boosting the performance of bottle flip even in the lower-end devices. You will not experience a slow performance and your game will never lag while you’re playing. This helps you to get some really good flips without the hindrance. Here are more Bottle Flip updates for you!


You can enjoy playing now even if your device is not a fantastic one. The team at Bottle Flip improved the performance of the game so that you can play continuously without hassle and lag issues.


There are many ways on how to boost your device if you ever experience again the slowness and lagginess of your game. We suggest that you should do these things below:

Turn off background services

  • Turn off any background services – The social media application will drain the ram and memory of your mobile device. We suggest that you disable it so it will not appear on the background of your device. Although the mobile phones and tablets lessen the use of the battery and ram memory, social media still drain it the most. You don’t have to disable all the applications, perhaps just a selected few. Just go to the settings of your device and search the running services and processes to know what application is running on your device.

Clean cache and temporary files

  • Clean the cache and temporary files – Buy cleaning the cache and temporary files of your mobile phones, the performance of your game will be boosted. You should clear the cache and temporary files to improve your mobile phone response and make it fast for gaming. For cleaning the cache and temporary files, you can also try installing C Cleaner like free apps. The C Cleaner can clear cache, delete temporary files, clean registry and more other tweaks to speed up your mobile phone. When you do this, you will have more space in your ram and your game will perform better.

Boost application

  • Using the boost application – When you go to the Play Store you will find a lot of apps that were created for boosting your device. Just pick the one because all those apps can improve the performance of your device. If your device is Samsung you can use the Game Launcher that comes with it by default. This tool is very effective and convenient to use. The boost options will absolutely help you improve your knowledge as a gamer. It is always helpful to know about the hidden features and options of your mobile phones. This way, you will learn more about the advantages that mobile phones bring users and developers by boosting your game.