Bottle Flip Tricks and Tips

Bottle Flip Tricks and Tips

At the start of the game, you will see a bottle and a rectangular bar to represent a platform. When you download this game on your PC or MAC, you must read first the description on how to play this correctly. Your goal in Bottle Flip is simply flip the bottle and make it land on the platform. If you do this right and successfully, you will earn a point and make it to the highest if you continue this without losing a hint. Each consecutive successful flip will add to your point counter. If the bottle lands on side of the platform, you will lose all your points and be back to zero. Here are some Bottle Flip tricks and tips to help you along!


Flip and make it good

You will find yourself a lot of landings that add nothing to your score when you just swipe willy-nilly without any strategy. There is one sweet spot that you want to aim – it allows the bottle enough time to rotate once and then land straight up again on the platform. Before you swipe and flip the bottle you just have to think twice if that strategy you’re doing is right. If you swipe wrongly, the bottle will fail to land in the right spot and your chance to get the point is gone.


Ready on your mark

You have only two things to control over when aiming for that golden height, speed and length of your swipe. Speed is the critical factor. If you swipe too fast, the bottle will fall along the side of the platform. If you swipe too slowly, it will not reach the height of the platform and you will lose the game. The length of your swipe is used more to help you maintain that perfect speed once you’ve figured it out. You either swipe it slowly or fast, it’s up to you. Just be sure that you will reach and land on the platform. Just maintain the swipe length and keep the rhythm of the bottle to get consecutive points and reach the highest score.


Follow the rhythm

Speaking of rhythm, having a groove will help you aim for high scores. Don’t pause too long between successful flips, just keep swiping with the same length and speed each time you flip the bottle. Make it like you’re lazily browsing the net, swipe wait, wipe wait before you aim to flip the bottle. If you do this continuously and swipe it right you will get consecutive points every land of your bottle on the platform. Just maintain the same movement repeatedly until you reach the highest points.


Give it one more try

Even though it’s difficult or not we understand the saying “try it once more” and the inevitable multitudes of replays comes to those dedicated players.

  • Test different ways to swipe and flip the bottle, just remember to make your swipe in the rhythm so that you will not miss the right angle of landing the bottle on the platform.
  • Set your own goals so that you will gain more than ten points and make it higher than the other player.