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Why Should I Play Bottle Flip?

Why play Bottle Flip?

If you have never played the amazing and addictive game of Bottle Flip, you need to try it today!


This game can be extremely addictive. You begin with a plastic bottle that is around half full. We believe it is important to have the right amount of liquid in the bottle or it will never work.


The objective of the game is to take the bottle and toss it into the air so that when it lands on the ground, it lands standing up. Again, the amount of liquid, as well as the toss, have to be perfect in order to land the bottle correctly.


This can leave you making attempt after attempt to get the perfect land. If you have been around a group of children long enough, you know that this game can get started easily if they spot a bottle sitting around. Once they begin, the game can go on for a while. Imagine their excitement once the bottle does land!


If one person can land it, why can’t everyone else? It might be fun to spice the game up to see if you can add different items into the bottle to see if it makes it easier to land or more difficult. For example, what if we added jelly beans to a bottle? Would that make it easier or completely impossible? Another option, try spaghetti noodles. The options would be endless. Go for it, what are you waiting for? Try the Bottle Flip game today!


Now, imagine if you’ve got this game – but on your mobile device or your computer – wouldn’t it be a ton of flippin’ fun?