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Who invented Bottle Flip?

Who Invented Bottle Flip

With such a popular game like Bottle Flip, everyone wants to know – who invented Bottle Flip?? Here, we discuss what really went down.

Michael Senatore, 18, has gone down in the history of the Internet as the boy who threw the water bottle.


It all first happened when he showed up at the talent show of his Ardrey Kell institute, in Charlotte (South Carolina), with a bottle. It was the 3rd of October, 2016. In the video clip, Michael saunters out on the stage, pretending to be ready to toss a HUGE flip… then casually flips it and lands it on a bench. What makes the video even more special? The crowd goes crazy in wild cheers!


Well, we’re sure there have been many, many people who have tried flipping their bottles out of sheer boredom. But this guy made it an Internet sensation when he nailed that killer bottle flip. Thanks to his enthusiastic class at Ardrey Kell as well – because without their reaction, let’s be honest – he wouldn’t be as popular an Internet sensation as he now is.


The ‘water bottle flip challenge’ (the challenge of flipping the water bottle so that it lands upright) has the internet dazzled. … It consists of throwing a half-filled plastic bottle into the air, which turns and lands upright.


If you fail, you’re out of the running. What you need to do is to make the flips consecutive. If you do it with the base of the bottle, the throw doesn’t count anymore. So who invented bottle flips? We hope you know now!