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What is Bottle Flip?

What is bottle flip?

Bottle flip is a game typically played by young children, teenagers, and some young adults. Players then take turns to flip the half or quarter filled bottle. What is Bottle Flip? The objective is to flip the bottle into the air, hoping it’ll land upright. For this section, however, Bottle Flip is a game on PC or your mobile device that is reminiscent of the actual bottle flipping game. Simply swipe up the bottle and let go to toss the bottle. It has to land on its base or you’re out! Try to do as many consecutive tosses as you can.


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The amount of water in the bottle makes the tosses somewhat more controlled. While it may appear that this is an easy task, videos that kids take seem to show otherwise. Many people can’t get the bottle to land perfectly.


Don’t heave a sigh of relief yet – The bottle may land briefly on its base, causing players to think their toss was successful. But the momentum of the water then causes the bottle to fall.


Kids really seem to enjoy the challenge of getting that bottle to land right the first toss or with fewer tosses than their opponents. This game can be played virtually anywhere. All you need is the bottle with some water in it and a floor or table or any other hard landing surface. Or your phone and PC.