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What is Bottle Flip Board Game?

What is the Bottle Flip Board game?

The bottle flip game board is designed for playing flip games using half or fully filled water bottles.

It’s a simple but amazing game that you can play with your friends. The game is very simple that you have to flip a bottle around and that bottle has to get placed after rotating up-side-down. It starts out as a simple task. There’s a second edition for the bottle Flip board game.


In the game, there will be different cards given to each player. Based on the statement in the card, the player has to flip the bottle into certain targets in order to advance onto the next level of the game.


The challenges will be like Face-to-Face flip-flops, group flip-flops or you can also create your own challenges. Like flip and land a bottle inside a target or flip and land a bottle using only your elbows. There are ridiculously silly ones like having only one attempt to land 6 bottle flips before you blink.


Where to buy

These boards are available at different online stores. The best part is that they do not require any battery charges or any assembling. In order to start the game, the player has to choose a colored bottle cap playing piece and place it on the scoreboard and then place the game cards near the scoreboard (facing down).


To start the game the first player has to flip the bottle and land it fully inside the target. The player who successfully lands the bottle will decide whether to play or to pass on the challenge card to the other player of their own choice. Sometimes the luck of the card drawn decides whether the player moves towards the success line or not. The first one to reach the top of scoreboard wins. This game is fun to play in groups making fun of the friends. Try playing this game and have some fun that would help you to relax your mind outside of the routine work.

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