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How to Bottle Flip in Real Life?

How to Bottle Flip

Ever wondered if you’re able to flip bottles in real life? Then we’re glad you’re here. Find out how to bottle flip in real life here!


Bottle Flip is an amazingly engaging game.

There is nothing more satisfying than nailing a flip in front of others. At the same time however, missing a flip sucks.


This is what can drive you to practice on your own, making bottle flipping not just a game, but a lifestyle. It gets really fun, trying double flips, triple flips, or just whipping it at the ceiling. Seeing the bottle land on the right side up is amazing. As bottle flipper ourselves, we must say there are some ups and downs to the game.


First of all, the physics behind the game are highly dependent on bottle shape, material, and the amount of water in the bottle.


Different bottles

This means that any flipper that practices with some particular combination of factors can be completely thrown off when using a different setup. This is incredibly frustrating when you have poured hours and hours into perfecting your 100 mL flip with a 500 mL Aquafina bottle, only to be thrown into the ring facing a 750 mL Dasani bottle.


Sometimes, you won’t get bottles that are filled with water in these competitions. There are many other things that they may add: beer, juice, vodka, urine, blood or borscht. They have a different density and viscosity that good ol’ water. This makes it extremely difficult to gauge how the bottle might end up on the ground. You also wouldn’t want beer to splosh all over you! This leads us to talk about adaptation. You need to adapt to the way things are, even when they are different. This is exactly how a bottle flipper’s true talent is tested. Are you able to toss a bottle with difficult size, shape, or density? Or are you only able to botle flip just your own water bottle?

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