Bottle Flip Challenge

The Bottle Flip Challenge is one of the biggest, ever.

In Bottle Flip, you will have many challenges to pass. All you should do is to play it wisely and flip it right so that you will land on the exact spot of the platform and pass all the challenges. Learn about the Bottle Flip Challenge!


Just be careful when flipping the bottle, because if you don’t land on the right spot, you will lose. This means you need to go back to the start and your score will turn back to zero. In this game, must aim to score as high as you can, so that you can make many points. You don’t have a time limit so you can think and plan a good strategy on how to swipe the bottle. Just remember that every time you swipe and flip the bottle it should land perfectly in the platform. If the bottle slips and lands on the ground you will lose your chance to get points.


Practice and practice!

Practice makes perfect. Work harder on the right timing in flipping the bottle, so that you will never lose the chance to pass the challenge and get a point. The point is based on how you flip the bottle too. If the bottle is in not in the right position when it lands on the platform, you won’t get a point. If the bottle lands perfectly, you will get 1 pint so all you have to do is continue to flip the bottle and get the highest points.


The Bottle Flip challenges may seem easy at first but they become more difficult as you go on. The bottle flip challenge has different sets of the playing platform and not only a simple one. There are twists involved, and no challenge is the same. When you think you’ve got the challenges wrapped around your tiny finger, you are mistaken!