Bottle Flip Board Game

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Wondering what’s the difference between this game and the computer game? Apart from the fact one requires a mouse and an actual computer, one can bring this portable Bottle Flip board game everywhere they go – armed with 120 challenge cards, a game board, a bottle, a scoreboard and a bottle cap. If you already loved playing Bottle Flip, or at least enjoy the idea behind the game, you’d love this board game as much too!


How to play the board game


In order to play this game in the first place, you’d need four consenting players (we kid. We mean enthusiastic). Each of the players will receive one bottle cap. The first thing the players need to do is to toss the bottle cap such that it lands on the target given on the board game. This is to determine who goes first. Subsequently, the players need to draw from the stack of 120 cards and embark on the challenges written on the cards. Each time you complete a challenge, you can move ahead on the game board. The first to hit the end of the game board wins. The challenges will differ from easy to hard… you never know which one you’d land!


Four different types of challenges to amuse yourselves with

There are four different types of challenges that you can even play by yourself.

  • Firstly, the individual challenge. As the name aptly suggests, you can try on your own to complete all 120 of the card challenges at your own time! Just don’t go stir crazy!

  • Next is the Face-to-Face “Flip offs”. You’d need two opponents for this one, and unless you’re a fan of talking to yourself, you won’t quite enjoy this. Decide who will first make the flip – perhaps through a short game of “rock, paper, scissors”. What you guys need to do is to get more flips than the other person!


  • Group “All out Flip Outs” – You’d need four players. Choose who will go first, and begin the game by drawing from the 120 unique bottle flip challenges card stack. Successfully complete the task. The aim of this challenge is simple – be the one who completes the most number of bottle flip challenge cards.



  • Last but not the least: You can create your own challenges. Are 120 challenges insufficient for you? If so, don’t fret. You can get to create challenges that the cards don’t have – balance the bottle on your head and then flip it on the ground after tossing it in the air. How about using the foot, which is angled at 90 degrees, to balance the bottle on the sole of it – that means your leg has to curve behind you. After balancing it for a while, try to use your foot to toss the bottle and flip it in the air. You must be really free to come up with crazy notions like these! Enjoy Bottle Flip, the best flippin’ fun ever!


The board game is easy to play if you just follow the instructions correctly. Download the computer or mobile version if the board game version seems too tiresome and bothersome for you!