About Bottle Flip

What’s Bottle Flip all about? In this game, you’d need to make the bottle literally flip from one table to another. You’d need to do it as many times as you can in a row.  Click and hold the bottle on the screen to charge and release the bottle for it to flip. Be careful not let to fall it down so that you can get higher points. The more you can flip it successfully, the higher your score will be. Do it as much as you can until you reach the high score but be careful to not fall so that you will not have to start from the beginning.


You must learn how to control how high and fast you flip the bottle. Make sure it falls directly on the platform and not on the ground. Be patient, because a wrong move can cause the bottle to drop and you’d have to start all over again. The bottle flip is one of the games that you can enjoy playing while killing time! You can also play it without internet connection. Learn some physics and tricks by playing it, and test your ability in this game.

Bottle flip is one of the games that are wildly popular. Largely because many people are curious about this game. It’s got simple gameplay; all you need is a dash of patience and good timing. Bottle flip is available on PC and MAC, as well as mobile. Kill boredom by playing Bottle Flip! It’s addictive, sort of mindless, and a very relaxing game (if you don’t put that much pressure on yourself). In Bottle Flip, you’re not only playing but also thinking of many ways on how you can flip the bottle smoothly and land perfectly. We must say that this game is one that will lure you to play it for the whole day. Why not give this tricky game a try? It’s time to pass time with fun!