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Bottle Flip is created by Owen Gillett. The game concept is very easy to catch on and simple to understand. Bottle Flip is suitable for girls and boys and for almost everyone of any age. This game was inspired by the global epic water bottle flip challenge. Now on your phone or PC, you can play it all the time without messing up or cleaning up real water splashes! It’s free to play without an internet connection and there are no in-app purchases, hooray!


Boredom Strikes? Don’t know what to do?

Are you bored? Feel like flipping some bottles? Try to play Bottle Flip! Swipe your finger across the screen to flip the bottle into the air and land it on the platform upright. If it falls to the side, you lose! The more flips you’re able to sustain consecutively, the higher your score. Fail once, and the score goes back to zero. It’s all about being the highest scorer in the game! Sounds easy? Sure, deceptively easy. See if you can get five to ten in a row…


Challenge Your Friend!

You get to choose your lucky bottle to flip! This is not as easy as it sounds because the bar gets shorter and you may miss it easily. Invite and compete with friends to do the challenge together! It’s more fun with friends. Are you ready to take on the biggest challenge in bottle flipping history? Play Bottle Flip today! Download Bottle Flip now! Don’t just do that – get your friends and family to join in too. Share the fun things. Relieve stress and boredom with your closest buddies!

If you were a bottle flipper or bottle tosser in school last time, then this game is definitely for you! Join in this global hype and flip away in this never-ending course of bottle flipping fun! Download and Play Bottle Flip today for free.


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Game Features

  • No internet connection required to play the game
  • Easy controls
  • Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
  • Realistic bottle flip with 3D effects
  • Score leader board and compete with your friends
  • Fun and extremely addicting gameplay
  • Fabulous and real bottle flip experience

Master the Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Bottle Flip PC Screenshot
Bottle Flip PC Screenshot

Play Bottle Flip on PC & Mac FREE | Download now