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In 2016, a high school student named Michael Senatore from Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina starred in a 30-second raw video taken from the schools’ talent show. Showcased in the video was the student’s talent that involves flipping water bottles. Which, for the most part, evolved to become an international fad in the summer of 2016. Just like most viral activities, video game versions of Bottle Flipping also became a trend. In fact, one of the very first ever bottle flipping app was able to reach over 3 million downloads in just a month of its official launch in August of 2016. And thus the beginning of the Bottle Flip game.

Since then, multiple bottle flipping games have emerged online. One of these apps launched in September 2016, comes from indie video game developer Owen Gillett called Bottle Flip – Endless Arcade Challenge. Unlike most bottle flipping apps, Owen Gillett’s does not have any added features like unlockable bottles or backgrounds. What it does have is an endless level, a leaderboard, and a scoreboard. This modest design makes the game perfect for parties, sleepovers, and friendly competitions.

In other words, if you want a straightforward bottle flipping gameplay then Bottle Flip is the one for you.



Bottle Flip – Endless Arcade Challenge is a modest, lightweight, and highly competitive game unblocked for the PC. Enjoy hours of bottle flipping fun with your friends, family, or any enthusiasts at the comfort of your computer. It comes with a straightforward design that allows players to jump into the game with just a click of a button. With that said, below are some of the tips and tricks you can use to improve your bottle flipping technique in video games and the real world.


Understanding Bottle Flip Game Physics

Just like most tricks, physics plays a major part in bottle flipping. As per one of the 2018 articles by the prestigious Scientific American magazine. To understand the physics of bottle flipping, the player must have basic knowledge about angular momentum, mass, and gravity. Nevertheless, to make the long story or in this case scientific calculation and analysis, you need to fill the bottle with roughly one quarter to one-third full of water to increase your chances of successful execution.

To be precise, you need to fill a 500 ml bottle with 4.225–5.63 fl oz (124.9–166.5 mL) of water (use a measuring cup if have to). Too much water will reduce the space for the water to move up and down the bottle during the flip. Less water, on the other hand, will make the bottle spin or flip faster which most of the time will result in an epic fail.


Flipping Techniques

Filling your water bottle with the right amount of liquid is useless if you do not know how to hold or grip your bottle. With that said, the proper way to hold your bottle is to place your thumb and fingers on the top neck portion. After securing the bottle, the next step you need to do is to flick your wrist away from you. This will make the bottle spin away from your direction.

Let go of the bottle as soon as the bottom of the bottle is about halfway or if you feel that your wrist is as high as it can go. In case the bottle does not land properly, you can try releasing your grip earlier or later. In other words, always remember the exact timing and the force exerted for each execution. Especially the successful ones. Practice makes perfect.


Bottle Flipping in Video Games

Video games like Bottle Flip may have the same materials as the real-word trick but it is missing a few elements. Unlike the real thing, bottle flipping in video games is more about estimate and timing rather than physics. Video games like Bottle Flip usually feature various environment settings to make it more challenging. Some of these settings include moving and shrinking platforms.

In addition, bottle flip video games despite having realistic features and physics will not feel like the real thing. This is due to the absence of mass and volume that most players use as guides in their throwing estimate and timing. This means that there is a huge possibility that the best bottle flipper in the real world will not be as good when it comes to video games.

With that said, Bottle Flipping in video games and in the real world may not have the same challenge. But both are skill-based activities nonetheless. Play or challenge your friends and family with this amazing free-to-play game today. Then check out some of the other Casual Games on the website, like Balance and Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle!

Game Features

  • No internet connection required to play the game
  • Easy controls
  • Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
  • Realistic bottle flip with 3D effects
  • Score leader board and compete with your friends
  • Fun and extremely addicting gameplay
  • Fabulous and real bottle flip experience

Master the Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Bottle Flip PC Screenshot
Bottle Flip PC Screenshot

Bottle Flip Game Online | Download Free Game on PC and Mac

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